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Learn more about Amarillo Meals on Wheels.

Delivering more than just a meal.

Meals on Wheels video gallery

AniMeals Press Conference 0:31

We will deliver dog food and cat food to our clients each month.

AniMeals Program 0:59

Learn more about the AniMeals program now available to Meals on Wheels clients.

Jennifer Lang 2:51

Hear from Jennifer Lang, a passionate volunteer.

Brian Hudson 2:24

Brian Hudson shares his experience as a Meals on Wheels volunteer.

Randy Sharp 1:44

Hear from one of our volunteers, Randy Sharp.

Terry Price 1:19

Terry Price shares what she loves about volunteering for Meals on Wheels.

Julie Mathis 3:14

Hear from one of our dedicated volunteers.

Angie Kreusel 2:35

Angie talks about the process of becoming a volunteer.

Erin Walsh 2:42

Erin talks about her volunteering experience for Meals on Wheels.

Jackie &  Peggy 1:49

Meet the dynamic duo, Jackie and Peggy!

Animeals Partner! 0:30

Texas Tech’s Veterinary School is Teaming-Up with Meals on Wheels of Amarillo.

Nancy Stevens P1 2:13

Meet Nancy Stevens, a MOW recipient.

Nancy Stevens, P2 2:26

Part 2 of, Nancy Stevens.

Blanton Davis 1:58

Meet Blanton Davis, a MOW recipient.

The Garys 2:27

Meet another volunteer couple, Rhonne & Dan Gary.

Kim Killian 2:22

Kim Killian is a Man on the Move!